Here after, Red Drop is pleased to introduce you to the basics in wine knowledges. Click on the pictures, to learn more ! 

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How Red wine is made ?

After the grape harvest, the grapes are sent to the winery to be transformed in wine. The bad grapes are set apart during the grape harvest or when it is destemming. 

How white wine is made ?

Unlike the red wines, there is no maceration and the white wine is pressed as soon as it is arrived to the storehouse. Following what the wine producer wants, the growing can be done in tanks (for dry and lively whites) or in barrel (for powerful and to be kept wines). 

How sparkling wine is made ?

Sparkling wines represents 7% of the wine in the world ! The production and consumption is constantly growing. The three biggest producers are France (1/4 of the bottles in the world) following by Italy and Germany. Here is how it is made...

How rose is made ?

Rose wine are made from red skinned grapes. There is two ways to make a rose wine : one is like the red process, the other one is like the white production process


How Armagnac is made ?

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