Our wines are guaranteed genuine wines with proof of importation available. Wines are carefully handled and properly stored.


Organizing events

If you are in need of any types of services, private events, weddings, group events, seminar or just for gifts, feel free to contact us to get the best of Red Drop custom advices. 

Private sommelier service

You don’t KNOW what wine to choose and need help? No worries! Our professional Sommelier Nicolas CARRE will lead you to the right choice. Let him know your favorite type of wines, your budget and the way you are going to consume it and we will bring you right away to the right choice...and this is for free! just email him.

Wine Education

We organize private tailor made as well as open wine education masterclass from formal to casual.


nothing more difficult to define how many bottles you need for a party. here again red drop has the perfect solution. we deliver the bottles as consignation and you just pay what has been consumed. We take back the others. we deliver and pick up the bottles for you.