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Because Red Drop is a friendly company, we will be glad to guide you in your wine choice.


A whole new experience...

Red, Rose, White, Sparklings, wines represents a fascinating world. Admire their robe, discover their palette of aromas, and discover a fabulous universe. Feel free to contact us to get our tasting notes made by our sommelier. 

White wines

Sweet wine, dry, or semi-dry... Get some white wine for your meals. Freshly served, its pleasent nose will open its characteristic citrus note or yelllow fruits 


Rosé wines

With its freshness and its fruity aromas, rosé is one of the must have for your aperitives. Synonym of warmth and pleasure, rosé are also perfect when comes to lunch time. 

Red wines

Nothing like a nice red wine to pair with your dinner. To be served or to be kept, at Red Drop you will find the wines that suits you. 



Sparkling rosés, brut, vintage wine... All of these sparkling wines have been carefuly selected by our sommelier.

Synonym of refinement and luxury, discover our range of sparkling white, rosé and champaign. 



Because we want to provide you the best, we have found a rare pearl in the art of making Armagnac. Coming from the best vintages, discover this unique beverage made in the worldwide known Armagnac region in the south of France.